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The Uwajimaya gift department is your destination for all things Asian. What started in 1928 as a small selection of dishware and novelty products from Japan has since expanded to hundreds of products from Asia. Today, you will find a unique selection of gifts, kitchenware, rice cookers, dishes, home décor, and the largest selection of Asian health and beauty products from Japan.

Browse our large selection of Japanese tableware including sushi plates, tea and sake sets and beautiful Japanese platters. Discover tools needed for Asian cooking such as woks and sushi supplies and be sure to check out our variety of rice cookers and airpots too. Our home décor section offers shoji screens, lamps and other decorative items that will be sure to bring an Asian flair to your home.

Not only do we carry items for the kitchen and home, but we also carry art supplies, apparel and a large collection of Sanrio® items. Find everything from origami, calligraphy and ikebana supplies to yukatas and slippers.

There is always something new to see and learn in Uwajimaya's gift department. If you're searching for a gift or something special for yourself, Uwajimaya is the place to come.

Uwajimaya | Maneki Neko Cat

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Uwajimaya | Asian Face Masks
Single Use Asian Facial Masks

Unlike the typical beauty masks you slather on your face, these Asian facial masks are made from thin sheets of cotton cut out to fit the shape of your face and infused with a variety of nutrients for your skin.  We carry masks for whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, calming and firming from popular brands like My Beauty Diary, Pure Smile and LuLuLun. Simply place on your face after cleansing and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, allowing your skin absorb all the wonderful nutrients.  Peel off and massage remaining essence into the skin.  An easy treat for your skin!  If you need any assistance finding the mask that best suits your needs, please ask for assistance.